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Our Logo is full of symbolism.  It consists of a Dragonfly whose body is formed by the Sushumna Nadi of the Seven Chakras, with Wings of Awakening spanning from the Sixth “Third Eye” Chakra of Intuition like the arms of Vitruvian Man. The Chakras are interwoven with Two Serpents representing the Ida and Pingala Nadis, ascending from a purple Lotus Flower, superimposed over a Yin/Yang Moon-Sun.

Finally, the wings of the Dragonfly form the initials of Essential Balance with the left wing forming an “E” and the right wing forming a “B”.

The logo resembles a Caduceus, an ancient symbol often used in the United States to represent medicine.  This is only a coincidence since the Caduceus is actually a symbol of commerce that has been misused in the United States in place of the more appropriate symbol of medicine, the Staff of Asclepius.

Our Logo represents the complete and perfect balance of Mind, Body and Spirit which we call the ESSENTIAL BALANCE.


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