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Heartfelt testimonials are what makes us happy.  We strive to help our clients overcome their issues and put them on the path to healing. 
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Essential Balance Holistic Wellness Center, has helped our clients heal, grow, reach goals and to transform their lives!  Below are some testimonials about the work we do everyday.

“I was a smoker for over 20 years. I have tried to quit so many times before using every product on the market but eventually I would give into that all too familiar craving. That is until I found Essential Balance and the man behind it Hayden Sutherland! In only two sessions Hayden taught me a new way of thinking and gave me the skills to overcome something I really believed to be impossible! Today I am a so proud to say that I am a Non Smoker! I can’t believe how easy it was! It’s so wonderful to know that I am free of Cigarettes! My life no longer revolves around smoking and I know I will never smoke again! Thank you so much Hayden for showing me how to control the cravings and anxiety! Now I control the cigarettes… they will NEVER again control me!!!” — Melissa P

As someone who has spent much of my working life educating my clients in the arts of managing their anxieties, I eventually faced a set of circumstances that required me to focus attention on my own sense of dis-ease.  I’m grateful that Hayden was there!  A few sessions of Reiki and hypnotherapy in early 2012 made all the difference.  I’ve resumed my former practices with a renewed sense of purpose and well being.  I only wish that I had acted sooner and saved myself valuable time and psychic energy.” — Mary R

Hayden Sutherland of Essential Balance was repeatedly recommended to me by a dear, trusted friend who knew that I had been feeling like I had lost my “spark.”  I have now had three combined Reiki/Hypnosis/Life coaching sessions with Hayden and let me tell you, Boy, was my friend right!  This guy is the real deal!  I feel marvelous.  Better than I have in YEARS!!!  I have way more energy, mental clarity, and a renewed sense of well being.  I feel like my spirit has been re-ignited!

If you are thinking of making an appointment with Hayden, DO IT!  He’s wonderful.  You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.  It’s the best thing I have done for myself in years and I can recommend him with my whole heart.” — Jennifer P

As a supervisor with the Florida Institute for Hypnotherapy and a Clinical Hypnotherapist for over 30 years I have had the pleasure of not only observing Hayden Sutherland demonstrate his most extraordinary skills but also participating as a client in several hypnotherapy and energy therapy sessions.  I can personally attest to having received profound physical and psychological benefits from Hayden’s work Hayden Sutherland is an exceptionally gifted Hypnotherapist and channel of healing energy and guidance.” — Peter Arizu, M.Ed, CHt

I am a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist who trained with Hayden at the Florida Institute of Hypnotherapy.  I can honestly say, without the slightest hesitation, that Hayden is an incredible hypnotherapist!  Hayden exemplifies professionalism, talent and a skill set that few posses within our profession.  His depth of knowledge and intuitive instincts make him uniquely qualified for helping clients overcome problematic thoughts, beliefs and issues that negatively affect their lives.  He is caring, trustworthy and extremely capable.  I would highly recommend Hayden to anyone seeking hypnotherapy.  If you are seeking help with common issues such as weight loss, smoking cessation or fears & phobias, Hayden is your guy.  If you have clinical/medical issues such as chronic pain or feelings of depression or anxiety that require a more complex skill set, Hayden is still your guy!  If you are interested in Past Life Regression, whether it is just for the experience or to be used for therapeutic purposes in order to overcome a particular issue, Hayden is REALLY your guy!  Hayden is certified in Clinical/Medical and Transpersonal/Spiritual Hypnotherapy which qualifies him to assist you with the hypnotherapeutic modality that best suites your needs.  Hayden is the entire package.  He can help you to transform your mind and your thinking, allowing you to live a healthier & happier life!” — Keli Raymond-Pescatore, CHt

Hayden, your website reflects the professionalism of your practice.  I have experienced insights, new awareness of my life energy, and shifts in thinking and attitude through your practice of Reiki and hypnotherapy.” — Rev. Dr. Warren Clark

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If you have any other questions about hypnosis, about Essential Balance Holistic Wellness Center or about the qualifications of  Hayden Sutherland CHt, our Certified Clinical and Transpersonal hypnotherapist, please call for a FREE initial phone consultation at (813) 928-9850.


* Clients with diagnosed or observable medical and/or mental health conditions are only seen with a referral or prescription from, or under the supervision of, an appropriate, licensed practitioner of the healing arts.

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