Curious about who you might have been?

Do Past Lives Affect Your Current Life?

We’ve all heard about “life after death” but have you ever considered “life before life”?  Have you ever been curious to know who you were before you were born?  Who you were in a past life?

Have you ever wondered how a past life may be impacting you in THIS life?  Are you curious to know if you have shared past lives with friends, family or a spouse/soulmate from this life?  These are just a few questions people have when motivated to have a past life or inter-life experience.

Regression is a technique in which hypnosis is used to recall past memories or Past Life events.  This technique can also be used in order to evaluate memories of Life Between Lives or your experience on the “other side” with Source or God.  Past life regression can also be used as a therapeutic technique for clients who experience irrational fears or anxieties or phobias in which the origin can’t be traced back in their conscious mind.  Whether past lives, or past life regression, is real and literal or simply metaphorical, the insights that come from past life and inter-life regression sessions can be profoundly enlightening.

Curious About Who You Were In A Past Life?

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