Past Life Regression – The Basics

Hi everybody and welcome to Essential Balance, in this post we will be reviewing some basics to past life regression. Below is an article recently published by on some primer concepts that we found helpful to those who have ever considered this type of therapy but never understood the process.


Past life regression therapy: How it’s done – Read Health Related

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past life regression therapy A lot has been said about past life regression therapy and its healing ability. It claims to let people experience moments of their past lives by means of hypnosis and then eventually helps them


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For more information on Past Life Regression, check out our page on the topic here:

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  1. Dori Apr 21, 2015

    I am a skeptic by nature. I became interested in past life regression after reading Many Lives, Many Masters by Brian Weiss and decided to try it. My experience with Hayden was a positive one. He put me at ease and without expectations successfully helped guide me to an experience I believe may have been a past life in the 1800’s. Since the regression, I was a bit tired, but with a less stressed feeling of calm. Hayden is skilled and insightful. I would recommend this experience and hope to continue doing more regressions.

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